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On March 15th, Calvary Crossroads met for the last time physically at our campus. The WA Department of Health mandated large gatherings be canceled because of COVID-19. Out of respect for our governing officials and a deep concern for the vulnerable population, we honored the request to cease large gatherings.
As the situation evolved, and more has become known about COVID-19, we realized the threat is primarily significant for those who are physically vulnerable due to age or underlying health concerns. It has become clear that, statistically, healthy people do not normally experience serious complications from contracting COVID-19. Some have been reported, but experts agree the risk is low.

At the same time, we observe the following destructive trends in our society: suicide hotline calls are rising, domestic abuse cases are rising, alcohol sales are spiking, pornography use is rising, addiction and depression is rising, and news outlets report that divorce lawyers nationwide are ramping up for an anticipated flood of new filings following the lifting of ‘stay-home’ orders. We’ve come to the point that not gathering for worship and the expression of our communal faith is a greater risk to our community as a whole than gathering would be.

People, even Christians, are more lonely and isolated than ever. Christianity is a “one-another” faith. It is inherently a faith-system that cannot be fully practiced in isolation. God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit co-exist eternally in relationship and we are designed in His likeness. We are created to be together in community. Digital community has been a beneficial stop-gap, but it has not satisfied the intrinsic spiritual need that we have for gathering with other believers.

Thankfully, on May 27th, Governor Jay Inslee eased restrictions on religious gatherings to allow churches in Phase 1 to host outdoor services of 100 or less, giving us the ability to have physical church again.

We are aware of the fact that COVID-19 is still a risk to certain members of our community and we encourage the vulnerable to stay home and participate in church online as long as necessary. Worshipping at a physical campus does not mean a Christian has more faith or courage, just like worshipping from home doesn’t make a Christian more careful or considerate of others. We’re not trying to prove anything except for how much we can love one another - even when our choices and opinions differ.

We are also aware that some might criticize our decision to meet again. The truth is that we care far more about stopping known devastation than we do about avoiding potential criticism. We want to save lives. We want to save marriages. We want to prevent the spread of abuse, addiction, depression, and suicide. At the same time, we also want to prevent the spread of COVID-19 which is why we’re voluntarily taking safety precautions beyond what is legally required. We’re not forcing anyone to gather for worship and we’re still offering quality online ministry for those who need or want it.

We know that, for some time, church will look different while we practice spacing & sanitation safety measures. That’s okay. We’re flexible and adaptive. We’ve always felt that our preferences are secondary to our mission. Corporate worship gatherings were spiritually beneficial for multiple reasons before COVID-19 and they will continue to be just as beneficial even with distancing measures in place. Our mission is always to Celebrate Jesus, Connect with others, & Contribute to something greater than ourselves.
We are excited to announce that this Sunday on May 31st we will be hosting an outdoor service at 10:30 AM in our inner courtyard for those that would like to attend physically.

Here’s what you can expect:
When you enter the campus you can park in the back parking lot. Our team will guide you into the courtyard while maintaining social distancing. Our greeters will direct you to a seat or area in our court yard so that you can comfortably attend service.  Our volunteers in high-traffic areas will wear masks to keep you safe.
Our campus will be sanitized before & after services, including several bathrooms which will be accessible from our courtyard.

We’ll have portable chairs already spaced apart for your convenience; however, if you would like to bring your own blanket to sit on the grass, feel free to do so.
Masks are optional, but we will provide one for you if you would like one.
We will not be hosting children’s church, but we will be providing sanitized bags for your children. Each bag will include several items for your children to interact with during service.
Service will be entirely contact free. Unless you are grabbing a children’s bag, you can potentially enter & leave without touching a single thing.
Seating will be spaced and reduced to allow social distancing of at least 6 feet between families.

Services will be dismissed by sections to avoid mass-gatherings.
As we said earlier, meeting in person does not make one any better than another. We value those that choose or need to stay home.  If you are not yet comfortable attending church physically, are vulnerable, are at risk, or have underlying health conditions, please continue to join us for church online at this time. We will continue to stream our church service live for you to be apart of the experience.
If you have had any of the following symptoms in the past 14 days, please continue to join us for church online.
     *Fever over 100 degrees
*Cough or sore throat
*Shortness of breath
*Contact with anyone confirmed to have COVID-19

If you’d like to give, we encourage you to continue doing as you have by giving online, by mail, or dropping off at the church. You can give in person at the end of service. We will have an area where you can drop off your offering on your way out.
Church will look a little bit different but we cannot wait to see you back here! Our service will be safe, spacious, and sanitized so that we can worship comfortably. We can’t wait to worship with you in person or online this Sunday!

On behalf of Staff & Elders
- Pastor Jay Caron









Serving isn’t what we do, it’s who we are!  Serving on a team is a great way to live out your purpose and to make some new friends.  
If you have not been thru our next steps classes this will be the first place you will want to start.
 We want students to be engaged and one way we do that is through providing an atmosphere of excitement.  We are always offering different events and activities for students to be a part of.  On Wednesday nights we worship, hear a message, and find friends!
Our goal is to help children learn about who Jesus is on their own level.  We do that by building relationships with them, being examples for them and teaching them God’s Word.  We would love the opportunity to partner with you in order to help your child grow!
Connect  Groups exist because we believe we are better together.  Life is way more fun that way!   A group is three or more people who meet at different times through out the week to hang out, have fun, and learn more about Jesus! If you are looking to make friends and get to know us better... Your friends are waiting for you!

 Our two Next Step classes are designed to help you understand our church and our mission and why that matters to you.  This is where you will find everything you need to know about our church  and get plugged in! If you are looking to volunteer, this is the place to start. Everyone has a next step, learn more about yours below.
We believe that Hope is a person and His name is Jesus. We create environments through worship and prayer that fill the space with passion & hope! We take our talents very seriously and are dedicated to be the best  musicians in the valley!  We are equipped, we are passionate, we are positive, we are the CC Worship Team.  

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